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Improv #1 announced

Why won't this thing let me log in as the maintainer of the community? I don't get it... Anyway, here's the message that went to the mailing list:

Improv #1

Words: negotiate * deny * skin * research

Deadline: 12/15/03

The stories can be any length, any slash pairing (m/m or f/f). Please check out the MPAA Ratings document in the 'files' section if you're not sure what your rating should be, and refer to the Farscape Improv FAQ if you have questions. If there's something I forgot, I want to know about it so I can add it to the FAQ. Thanks!!

For this improv, you can use variations of the words -- i.e. skins or skinned instead of skin; researcher instead of research; etc. There will be improvs where you must use the exact version I provide, and ones where you can play. This is one where you can play, as long as all 4 words appear in some form in the story.

You can, of course, write more than one story!

Post your stories to the list (and the LJ if you wish -- please use a cut-tag, though!) when they're done -- remember to keep the ones on the mailing list in .txt format ONLY!

Have fun!

Address to post to the list:
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