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Just because I'm a horrible tease...

...I give you this snippet that has been sitting on my hard drive since Liars, Guns, & Money first ran. One of these days I'll finish it. Yes, it is in the 'The Red and the Black' universe. No, it's not an improv entry. :)

Liars, Guns, and Money part 2.5
Out of My Head Over You
by Penemuel

"As if there was any doubt..."

Crichton struggled to restrain the nearly overwhelming urge to shudder as Scorpius leaned close and sniffed at him. Sniffed at him -- it was disgusting! He tried to shrug the halfbreed's hands off but he'd forgotten about Scorpius' strength...

As the strong fingers dug into his shoulders he felt a shiver not related to his revulsion run through him. Damn it, not now, he thought, shaking his head and gulping against his sudden nausea. And then Scorpius walked around behind him and leaned close for a moment, and Crichton felt a surge of incredible heat. When Scorpius kept walking, heading down the corridor away from him, he realized the heat didn't fade with his passing as much as it should have.

Frell! He took a step, then said, "Hey! Don't expect me to go chasing after you, you freak!" Another few steps, following Scorpius further down the corridor, then, "Come back here when I'm talking to you, damn it!" By the time he caught up with the halfbreed, he realized Scorpius was laughing quietly.

"I didn't expect it, John, but it was nice of you to follow," he purred with a predatory smile. Crichton looked away, shaking his head.

"I didn't-- frell!"

"I'm going to my quarters, now, if you'd like to join me, John..." Scorpius purred suggestively. He took a step closer, maneuvering Crichton against the corridor wall, then reaching out to touch Crichton's chest.

Heat flared at Scorpius' touch and Crichton gasped as his knees went weak. Sudden arousal arced through him and that voice in the back of his head whispered, "Yes, you do want it, don't you..."

"No -- stop that!"

"You want it so much..."

Was that the Scorpius in his head, or the one now pinning him against the wall, leaning his leather-encased body against him; pressing a steely thigh against his crotch where he could feel his cock hardening despite the voice he could still recognize as his own screaming denial?

"You're mine, John -- you've been mine since the Gammak Base. You know that -- you remember the dreams, the fantasies -- awakening in desperate hunger, longing for my touch; longing for my teeth buried into your shoulder, my nails digging into your ass..."

"Is it live or is it Memorex?" Crichton whispered, his voice sounding dangerously unsteady even to him. Then he arched back into the wall, letting out a low, broken moan as Scorpius bent to nip his shoulder. "Oh god!" he cried as pleasure stabbed into him where he knew there should be pain...

"This -- just -- isn't -- right!"

"You would not believe how you smell, John," Scorpius purred, leaning into the space where his neck joined his shoulder and inhaling deeply. "I think it has never been more right..."

"Screw you, Scorpy," Crichton moaned, arching against him again and finding his hands moving of their own volition, pulling Scorpius tighter against him even as he wanted desperately to push him away. "Get the frell away from me..."

"Do you really want me to?" Scorpius whispered in his ear.

"No..." Crichton moaned, trembling against Scorpius and gasping for breath.

"So tell me what you do want, Crichton..."

The human shook his head, desperately trying to deny the sensations overwhelming him. "I -- want -- no!"

"Tell me..." Scorpius whispered, bending to bite into Crichton's shoulder again. "Tell me, John."

"I -- want -- you!" he gasped, suddenly pulling Scorpius hard against himself, grinding his hips into the leather-encased halfbreed; moaning as he felt the incredible heat flare as Scorpius' Scarran side responded to him. "Oh god damn it," he gasped, "I need it!"

"Yes," Scorpius purred, his hands digging into Crichton's ass to pull him closer, "You do, don't you..." He ground his crotch into Crichton's, groaning as he felt the human's response. "Ah, yes..."

"Whoa!" Crichton gasped, suddenly pulling back and staring at Scorpius in shock, "What the hell is that?! I thought you couldn't -- couldn't--"

"Ah, yes, but that was before the improvements," Scorpius whispered, grinding harder into Crichton and relishing the moan that escaped the human; the sensations he could sense from his helpless prey...

"Oh! God!" Crichton gasped, "You mean you can, now?" He pulled Scorpius even closer, knowing his mind was screaming at him to stop it and still unable to follow his own desperate pleas.

"You want my heat in you, Crichton?" Scorpius purred, "I know how much you liked it when the Scarran held you captive; how you ached for his fire deep inside you..."

"No, I--" Crichton shook his head and tried again, "The neural clone's not you -- you've never been in my head. How would you know what I want?!"
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